* Lili is currently filming "THE ASSET" and "TILL DEATH".

 "THE ASSET" Directed by Martin Campbell ( Goldeneye and Casino Royal director)  alongside Maggie Q , Samuel Jackson and Michael Keaton.

"TILL DEATH" (Millennium media) directed by Scott Dale. Lili's role is with the lead Megan Fox.

LILI RICH is an accomplished Film, Television and Theatre actress who has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the UK, Hollywood, Bollywood Europe and Israel.


Lili is an Israeli, Romanian actress based in London. She was born in Israel from a Moldavian and Moroccan heritage and trained as an actress in "Beit Zvi school of the performing arts" in Israel when she was 14 while in the meantime working as a Model.  


Lili’s modelling career rose as she worked all over the world and obtained great success within modelling, from winning beauty competitions to landing magazine covers and walking in prestigious fashion shows whilst her acting career was on pause.


Later on, Lili realised that what she wanted in her heart was to dedicate her love and passion for acting.

Then in 2014, she moved to London to further her passion and she auditioned for and was accepted to the highly esteemed Drama Studio London; a UK accredited drama school where she graduated in 2018.


Lili was grateful to land a role in an exciting charity project working with DC Comics director, Zack Snyder and acted alongside “The Flash” Ezra Miller and the cast of ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and ‘Harry Potter’ for J.K Rowling charity music album “A Magical Time Of Year” in support of Lumos/ Wizarding World.


Lili’s acting debut will be in the feature film "INFINITE" (Paramount Pictures) directed by Antoine Fuqua, starring Mark Wahlberg which will be released in May 2021.


She will also be seen in a multitude of films all due to release in 2021 including:

* ”JOLT" (Millenium Films), Starring alongside Kate Beckinsale as the role “EVA".  

* “GOOD LUCK JATTA" 2021, Playing "BRENDA" a Lead supporting role in a romantic comedy Bollywood film alongside Ninja.


Her past television and film credits include:

“The capture BBC", "Traffic Light (Ramzor)” series as the role of “Venus”, A Turkish feature film Fetih1453 (Conquest 1453).  She has also had a guest role on the award-winning show "good evening with guy pines” and in "Chamishiyot" Series. 


Lili's theatre credits include;  Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet" as "Juliet"  the lead role. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as the lead role of "Helena". Chekov "The Cherry Orchard" starred as "Varya".

"Heresy Of Love" starred as “Juanita. 

"The Country Wife Restoration comedy" as the lead role "Margery Pinchwife”. "Closer" as "Anna" and she played "Evil Sneak" in the "Dick Whittington" pantomime schools touring.


Lili Rich is fluent in English and Hebrew, her unique, versatile look and mastery of different Middle Eastern and European accents allow her to portray a vast array of characters and ethnicities authentically.